Kenny Matheson, a very intelligent young High School student finds a special artifact that isn’t from planet Earth. After running a few tests, he finds out that this shard of light has the ability to enhance ones adrenaline at will, to new record shattering heights. Thinking that he is finally able to carryout his heroic ambitions, finds himself limited, due to a chronic illness.

Faced with the harsh reality of his disease, Kenny decides to retire from his short lived career as a superhero. However, after witnessing some unsavory business, Kenny turns his attention to Star Linebacker and all-around bully Adam Larson, and blackmails him to use the powers of the artifact, coupled with the special device, the Rusher, to become Adrenaman! But Adam and his lack of focus has yet to learn the ramifications of his new powers. Will he be the hero that Kenny is hoping to create or will he become the largest liability that Diablo City has ever seen? Find out in Adrenaman Issue #1!

High Energy, Intense Action, Dynamic Fight Sequences, Thrilling Parkour & Tricking all in one brand!

The Adrenaman series is tied into The Reignwake Universe. A superhero/sci-fi world which highlights new characters as they discover an ancient power that grants them special abilities. The only problem is, with this power in the wrong hands, it could mean the end of worlds..