LightonX follows a group of teenagers who must defend their planet against a powerful threat from another world!

The Vektonite, a conquering alien race made up of energy life forms, plan to possess humans and use them as their new vessels to expand their control of the galaxy. However, the last remaining member of a peaceful Vektonite sect, the Lighton, has chosen to partner with the human race in their defense of Earth.

By bonding with a select, worthy, few, and granting them the power of an ancient and secretive energy source, the “Last Lighton” will defend the Earth alongside a new team of teenage superheroes! Victory, however, is not assured; As this new team of heroes defend their planet, they risk the possibility of fighting against their own neighbors, friends, and even family… Willow Tree City is starting to see many disappearances, and it is now up to our heroes to get down to the bottom of it, while keeping their identities a secret from the very people they are trying to save…

High Energy, Intense Action, Dynamic Fight Sequences, Thrilling Parkour & Tricking all in one brand!

The Adrenaman series is tied into The Reignwake Universe. A superhero/sci-fi world which highlights new characters as they discover an ancient power that grants them special abilities. The only problem is, with this power in the wrong hands, it could mean the end of worlds..