Holokai Traveler of the Spirit Realm – Origin


Jaymes Kainoa was living an average teenage life, until suddenly, a strange fluctuation in time mysteriously occurs and opens the path for him to see into the souls of those around him.

As if that wasn’t enough, after one fateful encounter, Jaymes gains the ability to travel into the Spirit Realm and becomes Suffulk City’s very first Spirit powered hero, Holokai!

Using his new powers, diving into “Soul Planes” striking at the very darkness influencing unrightous behavior, Jaymes embarks on a new journey that will test him in ways he never thought possible. Will his new powers be enough to defeat the darkness in Suffolk, or will he find himself ensnared? Find out in Holokai: Traveler of the Spirit Realm!


Soft Cover Chapter Book

High Energy, Intense Action, Dynamic Fight Sequences, Thrilling Parkour & Tricking all in one brand!

The Holokai series is tied into The Reignwake Universe. A superhero/sci-fi world which highlights new characters as they discover an ancient power that grants them special abilities. The only problem is, with this power in the wrong hands, it could mean the end of worlds..


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