What the New Year Has in Store for Reignwake Entertainment

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.” -Rainer Maria Rilke


Happy New Year, from Reignwake! Entering this new year means inching even closer to the projects that will be seeing the light of day, and new characters that will be portrayed. Within the last few months Reignwake Entertainment has been in talks with a few other production groups for the collaborative efforts to produce their first short film. These however are different from the many videos Reignwake will be creating with the students and staff of their action academy.




Nearing completion and will be available for purchase in January will be Reingwake’s first book, “Holokai | Traveler of the Spirit Realm.”

Synopsis – “Jaymes Kainoa was living an average teenage life, until suddenly, a strange fluctuation in time mysteriously occurs and opens the path for him to see into the souls of those around him. As if that wasn’t enough, after one fateful encounter, Jaymes gains the power to travel into the Spirit Realm as the superhero, Holokai! Using his powers, he dives into the “Soul Planes” of those around him, striking at the very darkness controlling them. Will his powers be enough to defeat the darkness, or will he find himself ensnared? Find out in HOLOKAI|Traveler of the Spirit Realm!”

The 10 book series of Holokai will be written by author, Martel Harrison.


Artwork by Trevor Woodham

The Holokai brand will take place in the same timeline of all other brands of the Reign-Verse.

Since the Reign-Verse will be a trans-media universe, Reignwake has already casted the role of Jaymes Kainoa.

None other than actor, Jaymes Taitano, which has had a major input in this series from conception. You read this series, and you are seeing bits in pieces of his life creatively altered in the form of a sci-fi action series.







Check out an Interview with author, Martel Harrison here.

As big as the Holokai brand will be, this is just the beginning of what Reignwake Entertainment has planned…


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