AlterMorph | A Power Rangers Fan Series | Teaser Trailer


AlterMorph is a fan series that is unlike any other on the internet! Incorporating Rangers from all five seasons of the original Saban Brands programme while developing entirely new heroes, villains, and tales that will be a touch more realistic while still maintaining a PG-13 rating and strong values.

Reignwake Action Studios, situated in Fairfield, California, will be in charge of the production of this series. The world's best action studio! Revive is an action design business that nurtures talent and generates dynamic tales in the form of literary and video content to connect with our audience on an emotional level. Revive is based in Los Angeles. Using a global 360-degree management strategy, the firm is building and monetizing original brands in markets across the world and with customers of all ages. This is accomplished through content, media, marketing, distribution, licencing, and retail.

Our eyes are drawn to three characters that appear to be battling for a ninja star in this AlterMorph teaser! The heroes of this series will not be on the same side as they were in the previous season, even though they have the same powers. This will enable for incredible team-ups to be formed by merging Rangers and making their own distinct clan.

Rangers from the following seasons will be included in the series:

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Alien Rangers Power Rangers
Zeo Power Rangers
Turbo Power Rangers
in Space Power Rangers
Lost Galaxy Power Rangers
Light-speed Rescue Power Rangers
Time Force Power Rangers
Wild Force Power Rangers
Ninja Storm Power Rangers
Dino Thunder Power Rangers
SPD Power Rangers
Mystic Force Power Rangers
Operation Overdrive Power Rangers
Jungle Fury Power Rangers
RPM Power Rangers
Samurai Power Rangers
MegaForce Power Rangers
Super MegaForce Power Rangers
Dino Charge Power Rangers
Ninja Steel Power Rangers